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Personal responsibility: Climbing is a sport that involves inherent risks and is performed under your own responsibility. By completing the application form, you confirm that you have all the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to correctly verify/control and make use of all essential security measures, or that you have provided appropriate guidance, supervision and instruction from a qualified person. For the modality on the wall with rope, all participants will undergo instruction and evaluation by an instructor designated by us, Indoor Evolution. Any instructions or orders the climbing gym gives must be followed.


Registration, admission, equipment rental: When you buy your first day ticket or pay for equipment rental, you will be registering at the climbing gym. We draw your attention to the hazards/risks as well as the climbing gym's terms of use. Climbing shoes are mandatory for any sport. Therefore, it is forbidden to climb barefoot. For hygienic reasons, climbing shoes should only be worn inside the climbing gym. It is not allowed to leave the gym wearing them or use any sneakers, rented or owned, in the bathrooms. Socks are recommended when renting a sneaker. The use of magnesium is also mandatory. And chair on the rope wall.


Minors: The minimum age for climbing in the Gym is 6 years old. Minors under the age of 18 may only use the climbing facilities under the constant supervision of a responsible adult, who must sign the Disclaimer. Young people aged between 12 and 17 who have a consent form signed by their legal guardian are exempt from this regulation. Playing and running is prohibited throughout the climbing gym. Accompanying adults are responsible for the actions of minors. Only people over 16 years old can attend the weight room, and if they are under 18 years old, only accompanied. It is recommended for children under 12 to climb before 5 pm for safety reasons.


Changing rooms: It is not allowed to change clothes outside the changing rooms. Climbing shoes are not allowed in the changing rooms, regardless of whether they are rented or owned. We kindly ask that you keep the equipment you take with you in the climbing room and store all your belongings in the lockers or in one of the many niches scattered around the gym. The climbing gym assumes no responsibility for the loss or damage of any items left in the changing rooms. Forgotten items will be collected in the “Lost and Found”. The climbing gym assumes no responsibility for the removal of items from the “Lost and Found”.


Danger Zones (Drop Zones and Rope Climbing Area): As soon as you, as climbers from the climbing gym, enter the climbing or bouldering area, you should always avoid the drop zones of climbers above you. Do not stand/sit or remain in areas where people or objects could fall (eg broken grips). Do not place hard objects or other obstructions in climbers' drop zones (brushes, phones, etc.). Please do not bring backpacks to the mattress. Items left around will be removed and discarded at regular intervals. The areas where climbing partners tend to provide security, whether corporal or rope, are "exclusion zones" in which, under no circumstances, participants/partners should be distracted.


Cell phones, music, pets, jewelry, cigarettes, alcohol and other common sense and logic problems: Never climb after drinking alcohol. Smoking is prohibited in the entire climbing gym. Calling during the climb or when providing security is strictly prohibited. Rope climbing while listening to music with headphones is not permitted. Rings, necklaces and other pieces of jewelry can get caught in hooks and grips, causing serious injuries; the same goes for long, unpinned hair. Pets are not allowed in the climbing gym. We kindly ask that you do not wash your hands at the water fountains, these points must be exclusively for hydration. We don't provide cups, use your plastic bottle!


Markings, Modifications, Damage: Gym visitors cannot mark, move, or flip grabs. If you notice any grips are loose or bent, or if you notice any damage (eg damage to brackets, climbing panels, carabiners, etc.), please inform us immediately.


Accidents: Accidents of any kind must be reported immediately to a member of our gym staff. Properly filled application forms are vital in such cases.


Dust Exposure: During peak times in the climbing gym, users may be exposed to an increased amount of dust and magnesium in the air. This can pose a health problem for young children and people with respiratory conditions in particular.


It is forbidden to climb barefoot and without a shirt.


Climbing gym supervisors and staff have the right and responsibility to deny access to the climbing areas to anyone they deem a risk to their own safety or that of others.

It is mandatory to wear masks throughout the gym at all times. Entry is only allowed with proof of vaccination.

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