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It is  an individual training plan to improve climbing performance.

The plan is oriented towards the goal of each student.

Whether it's increased strength, increased muscle resistance in addition to other valences such as: joint mobility, balance, coordination and improvement in the technical part in general.



  • Improve climbing technique
  • Develop psychological skills
  • Improve body composition and fitness
  • Increase specific strength and endurance
The plan will be prepared jointly by 3 professionals and each training cycle will be accompanied by a specialist in each discipline.
The disciplines are specific strength, physical preparation and technique


Physical Education professional with 17 years of experience in various climbing styles.
Here in the city of Rio de Janeiro there is no mountain that he has not climbed and he knows very well the most classic routes in the city.
As a coach he has been prescribing training and teaching courses since 2010.


Physical education professional and born in Grajaú, it was in the boulders there that his passion for climbing began.
Since 2015 it has been prescribing training for the most diverse types of people.


A 34-year-old Colombian, Felipe arrived in Brazil in 2015 with the intention of climbing the most difficult routes in the city of Rio de Janeiro.
In addition, he has climbed in several places around the world, has several 10th grade routes in his curriculum and continues to seek to raise his level.
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