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08:00 – Check-in to pick up the kit for GROUP 2

08:30 - Briefing for GROUP 2

09:00 – Start of the Festival for GROUP 2

11:00 am – Check-in to pick up the kit for GROUP 1

11:30 - Briefing for GROUP 1

12:00 – End of the Festival for GROUP 2 – DELIVERY OF FILES

12:00 – Start of the Festival for GROUP 1

15:00 – End of the Festival for GROUP 1 – DELIVERY OF FILES

15:30 – Publication of Festival results

15:45 – Carioca Climbing Podium (All categories)

16:00 - Opening of the isolation

16:45 - Closing of the isolation

17:00 – Start of the finals (Men/Women)

20:00 – Acknowledgment ceremony, podium and awards ceremony for the Copa do Brasil


The Climbing Festival is a get-together between climbers, where everyone climbs together, without isolation, on the various lines set up by the route setters. The lines are for both the more experienced and the beginners.

There will be up to 40 Lines being boulders of all levels of difficulty.

Each competitor must be in possession of his score sheet and hand it to the judge   of the sector he wishes to climb. In this sheet there is a list of all Boulders, where each Boulder has its respective rank and score.

The total time of the festival will be three hours for each GROUP, without breaks or interruptions.

Access to the public will only be allowed from 16:30 to follow the finals.



There will be 16 Categories in total. Being 8 Female and 8 Male for each age group.

The categories were divided into 2 groups and each group scales at a certain time, according to the event schedule.

GROUP 1 - Female and Male

CHILD - Born in 2015-2016

CHILD B - Born in 2013-2014

CHILD A - Born in 2011-2012

JUVENILE C - Born in 2009-20010

GROUP 2 - Female and Male

JUVENILE B - Born in 2007-2008

JUVENILE A - Born in 2006-2005

JUNIOR – Born in 2004-2003

ADULT – Born until 2002

The categories may be reassigned to another group according to the number of registered athletes, in order to adjust the number of athletes between the two groups. This information will be officially released on 04/25/22 after registration closes (04/24/22).


1.1. The Copa Brasil de Escalada is an annual circuit, with 6 stages, which make up a ranking maintained by
ABEE, in partnership with gyms and regional/state entities responsible for
carrying out these steps.
1.2. Copa Brasil is an independent circuit of the National Ranking created as a way of
encourage regional competitions.
1.3. The valid stages for the Copa Brasil ranking were previously submitted and approved
by ABEE, which can be open events or State/Regional Championships.
1.4. Copa Brasil may contain rankings in the 3 official IFSC modalities: Boulder, Guided and
Speed, provided that the criteria presented in item 2.1 are met.


2.1. For the formation of the Copa Brasil ranking of each modality, there must be at least 3
stages and a maximum of 6 stages, observing the rules below for disposal:
The. When there are only 3 stages, all will be valid for the ranking, without discarding
punctuation; and
B. When there are more than 3 steps, the number of valid steps will be the total steps of the
modality minus 1, with the athlete's worst result being discarded.
2.2. To rank in the Copa Brasil, the athlete must be affiliated to ABEE in 2022.
2.3. Only the Main Category of the valid stage will be considered for the Copa Brasil ranking.
2.4. In all the rules below, the terms contained in the
glossary of the ABEE 2022 regulation, with the same interpretation.

- Only athletes over 14 years old can go to the finals of the main category (Brazil Cup).


3.1. For the Boulder modality, the events valid for Copa Brasil must consist of:
The. A qualifying phase in the festival format, with a minimum of 20 boulders and 3 hours of
duration; and
B. A final stage, in the official IFSC format, with 4 boulders and 4 minutes of climbing time to
every boulder.
Note: The qualifying phase can be organized in more than one heat, of 3 hours each, if the
organization thus decide to be better for the course of the competition.

Qualifying phase

3.2. The qualifying round boulders must be clearly marked with tape, as follows:
The. Each exit grab, with specific positions for hands and feet, must be signaled with
two ribbons, a “V” or a box around it.
B. The Top grab must be signaled with the same color and the same marking pattern as the
exit grips;
ç. Any areas designated as off-limits must be flagged with black tape; and
d. When the boulder grips cannot be the same color, all grips
belonging to the same boulder must be signaled with a ribbon of the same color and
distinct from marking the surrounding boulders.
Phase Progress
3.3. The 3-hour qualifying round time is uninterrupted and non-extendable.
3.4. When the time of the qualifying phase starts, the athletes can make attempts in the
boulders, as many times as you like, in the order you like.
3.5. The athlete is allowed to take breaks within the stipulated time for the qualifying phase
or even end attempts before the total time runs out.
3.6. Athletes will rotate attempts at bouldering in the waiting/queue system and each area or sector
will be judged by a referee, who will be in charge of controlling the attempts.
3.7. Each athlete may make only one (1) attempt at a time, starting from the
exit holds, and at the end of his attempt he must give his place to the next athlete in line,
taking the last waiting position of the same or another sector, at your choice.
3.8. In the event of a technical incident on the boulder, the person in charge must correct it in order to
restore its initial condition. If there is no possibility of correction, the boulder must be
interdicted and excluded from the phase point count.
Note: Athletes will be allowed to make consecutive attempts only when there are no others.
athletes in line in the same sector, but always starting from the starting grips.

Climbing Procedure

3.9. Athletes will not be allowed to:
The. Before starting attempts:
i. Touching any grapple other than the exit grapples; and
ii. Make tick-marks or brush the grips with a brush other than the organization's.
B. During attempts:
i. Touching, controlling or using any area demarcated as off-limits by route
ii. Control or use any grapple that is not part of the boulder being attempted;
iii. Control or use the holes for fixing the grips (t-nuts) on the wall; and
iv. Control or use any informational or advertising board affixed to the surface of
Note: For festival format, modules or volumes will be considered as part of the surface
of climbing when they are within the demarcated limits, being able to be touched, controlled
or used.
3.10. The athlete will be considered to have started an attempt when all parts of the body have
out of the ground.
3.11. An athlete will be deemed to have completed an attempt when:
The. The athlete makes Top;
B. The athlete returns to the ground or falls;
ç. The athlete touches the floor (or extension thereof) with a part of the body; or
d. The athlete performs any actions listed in item 3.9.
In the case of the actions listed in item 3.9.b, the athlete's attempt will be interrupted by the referee and the
athlete must return to the end of the line.
Judging and Scoring
3.12. Each festival boulder will have 2 possible scores:
The. A higher score for when the boulder is completed on the first attempt (flash);
B. And a second, lower score for when the boulder is completed from
second try.
Note: Festival boulders must have different and increasing scores, following the levels of
difficulty of the problems.

3.13. The referee responsible for the sector or area will record for each athlete:
The. The number of attempts performed on each boulder; and
B. The equivalent score when the boulder is completed:
i. On the first try; or
ii. From the second attempt;
3.14. The athlete will be considered to have made a correct start when all parts of the
body from the ground, touching the marked exit grips, without using the initial impulse from the ground to
progress to another boulder hold other than the starting ones.
3.15. The athlete will be considered to have made a successful attempt when he joins the two
hands on Top's grip demonstrating full control of the movement.
3.16. The ranking of the qualifying phase will be calculated by organizing the athletes in order
decreasing, from the sum of the 6 highest scores achieved.
3.17. In the event of a tie, the athlete with:
The. The highest scoring individual boulder conquered; and
B. The athlete with the fewest attempts in the 6 boulders counted.
Quotas for the Final Phase
3.18. The 8 best athletes from the qualifying phase will advance to the final phase.
3.19. If any classified athlete does not appear for the final for any reason, he will be
ranked last among the finalists with the DNS score (Did Not Start), without the
possibility of joining another athlete to replace the absent one.


Final phase

3.20. The final phase will follow all the rules expressed in the ABEE 2022 regulation for the modality,
The. Competition progress;
B. Climbing procedure;
ç. Judging and Scoring;
d. Ranking; and
and. Technical incidents and appeals.

Final Ranking

3.21. The final ranking of the competition will be based on the following criteria:
The. First the athletes with a ranking in the finals, in ascending order of their
B. Then, all athletes with a ranking in the qualifying round, in ascending order of
their ratings; and
ç. Finally, all registered athletes, without a ranking in the qualifying phase.

Brazil Cup ranking

6.1. The Copa Brasil ranking, in each modality, will be formed by the sum of the scores of the
athletes conquered in the valid stages (observing item 2.1.) in descending order, following the
table below:

Score by stage:
1º = 100          _cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_      11th = 14
2º = 80          _cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_        12º = 12
3º = 65          _cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_        13º = 10
4º = 55          _cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_        14º = 8
5º = 40          _cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_        15º = 6
6º = 30          _cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_        16º = 5
7º = 25          _cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_        17º = 4
8º = 20          _cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_        18º = 3
9º = 18          _cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_        19º = 2
10º = 16          _cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_      20º = 1

6.2. The ranking of each stage, valid for Copa Brasil, will only take into account eligible athletes
to participate in the circuit, that is, only those duly affiliated to ABEE in 2022.
Ex. In the first 5 places of the valid event, only the 2nd and 5th places are eligible athletes.
For the purposes of the Copa Brasil ranking, their positions will be 1st and 2nd, respectively, and the athletes
will receive equivalent scores.
6.3. In the event of a tie, the athlete who:
The. If ties participated in different numbers of stages:
i. the one who has obtained the points participating in the fewest stages.

B. If ties have participated in the same number of stages, in this order:
i. the one who surpassed the opponent(s) in more stages; or
ii. the one that achieved the best results in the stages with the largest number of athletes.
ç. If the above criteria are exhausted, the athletes will remain tied.

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